The museum features more than 200 fully restored antique tractors.


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The Westlock & District Tractor Museum Foundation was formed in 1999 with the vision of

developing a world-class museum in Westlock, Alberta dedicated to vintage tractors.


There are more than two hundred fully-restored antique tractors owned by the museum and members of the Vintage Tractor Club.


In 2006 the Foundation added a storage building for steam engines and extra tractors.

This facility enables our community to preserve a large part of the area’s rich farming history, and prevent the loss of local collections of historical significance to collectors in the United States and Europe.


The collection is housed in a 20,000 square foot facility which is located on the west side of Westlock, directly across from Mountie Park. It is designed to accommodate future expansion.


The Westlock & District Tractor Museum Foundation is a registered non-profit society in the province of Alberta and a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency.